Reserved Vendor Map.

Vendor MapFor our loyal patrons, we have developed a map showing the general location of all of the vendors who have reserved a spot at the Farmers' Market for the season. The red spaces on the map show reserved vendors. The black spaces show spots that are free for any vendors that may decide to come and sell their wares on any given Saturday. The vendors in the black spaces may change weekly. All reserved vendors are assigned a number. The number allows you to use the key to know who is in what space and what they are selling. There are a few numbers on the key that are left blank because some vendors did not opt in to the benefit.

We hope you find this new tool useful for locating your favorite vendors or locating the specific items for which you are hunting.

Click here to view the map and key.


Rules Governing Processed Food Sales

May 2014

Montana state law allows for certain items to be sold at a Farmers Market without a food purveyor’s license. Lewis & Clark City-County Health Department staff reviews proposals for prepared food sales to determine if they comply with the exemption requirements.

Farmers Market Food Exemption Registration for the 2014 season

Potential Licenses That may be Required:

County Food Permit/CertificateNursery

LicenseProduce License

Organic Certification

Meat Depot & Mobile License

Contact Market Manager

Montana WIC Program

Senior Farmer's Market Nutrition Program

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)