2014 Scholarship Recipients

A friend once mentioned that "we are a reflection of our community." If we put an effort to build close  relations in our communities, we will receive close relations out of it. Farmer's Market in Helena strives to do this each time they open the street to local vendors. They support the local WIC program, from which I have personally benefited from. My little sister would not have had the fresh veggies and fruit otherwise. For this program, I am greatful. The Market provides people to feel accepted and get to know eachother in this busy world we live in. It allows local businesses a chance to show Helena what they are about and put money back into the economy through in-town shopping. Local farmers are able to sell directly to their neighbors. The people buying food know exactly where the food is coming from as well. And it also provides a chance for family and friends a safe, nurturing enviornment to experience music and good fun on Saturday mornings. All in all, the Farmer's Market contributes in an immeasurable amount to the community of Helena. Without Farmer's Market, the atmosphere of Helena would be altered and not in a favorable way. My wish for my children one day is to experience Saturday mornings the way that I have in my own childhood, listening to peers play an original piece on their guitars, bouncing along the street in shorts and flip-flops , arms looped through my family.

Megan Lee Williams

Helena Farmer's Market Scholarship Application Essay

What makes a community a great one? Is it Money? Is it size? Is it prestige perhaps? Or is it family, tradition, and closeness? Helena knows the answer to that question, and the Farmer's Market knows best of all.

I have always loved Helena for its tightknit community gatherings; my favorite is the Farmer's Market. It allows the people to come together and provide for eachother, which, in today's world, is a concept that has been overshadowed by the many large businesses that have taken over Montana. The market is a way for us to acknowledge the services that are friends and neighbors provide for us, and give us a chance to thank them and give a little something back.

There are certain qualities that make a community a family, and you find those qualities at the Farmer's Market. You shake the suntanned, callused hand of the farmer, you help up a toddler that tripped on the curb, and you smile at the little old lady that is always there. You crowd in next to people, and you don't mind, because they are your community. They are your family.

So as I spread that homemade jam on my toast or surprise my little sister with those earings that she just loved, I can thank the Farmer's Market. I can thank the solid people left in the world. I can thank my parents for raising me to appreciate good, old fashioned traditions.

Mathew Sekerak - HHS